Representative Papers

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137Electrical bioadhesive interface for bioelectronics Nature Materials2020Bioadhesives,
115Dry Double-sided Tape for Adhesion of Wet Tissues and DevicesNature2019Bioadhesives
76Tough Bonding of Hydrogels to Diverse Nonporous SurfacesNature Materials2016Bioadhesives; Hydrogels
121Ferromagnetic soft continuum robotsScience Robotics2019Medical Robots
103Printing ferromagnetic domains for untethered fast-transforming soft materialsNature2018Medical Robots; 3D Printing
1293D printing of conducting polymersNature Communications2020Bioelectronics; 3D Printing
112Pure PEDOT:PSS hydrogelsNature Communications2019Bioelectronics; Hydrogels
113Anti-fatigue-fracture hydrogelsScience Advances2019Hydrogels
42Highly stretchable and tough hydrogelsNature2012Hydrogels
46Multifunctionality and Control of the Crumpling and Unfolding of Large-Area GrapheneNature Materials2013Thin Films; Instabilities