Review Papers

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143Soft Materials by Design: Unconventional Polymer Networks Give Extreme PropertiesChemical Reviews2021Hydrogels
125Hydrogel machinesMaterials Today2020Hydrogels
122Soft microbots controlled by nanomagnetsNature2019Medical Robots
116Hydrogel BioelectronicsChemical Society Reviews2019Bioelectronics; Hydrogels
100Designing toughness and strength for soft materialsProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences2017Hydrogels
80Beyond wrinkles: Multimodal surface instabilities for multifunctional patterningMRS Bulletin2016Thin Films; Instabilities
57Multi-scale multi-mechanism design of tough hydrogels: building dissipation into stretchy networksSoft Matter2014Hydrogels
62Harnessing large deformation and instabilities of soft dielectrics: Theory, experiment, and applicationApplied Physics Reviews2014Dielectric Elastomers