MIT Zhao Lab, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 Lab: 1-025 / Office: 1-321

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Research Interests

  • Nano-structured soft material
  • Nanoscale Characterization
  • Precise Macromolecules
  • Self-assembly

Xiaoyun Yan

Xiao-Yun’s research is focused on the bottom-up strategies to fabricate nano-structured soft materials, including soft alloys, polymeric frameworks, and mesoporous materials. His current interest is applying fundamental principles in synthetic chemistry, polymer science, self-assembly, and crystallography to address impactful challenges in healthcare and environmental sustainability.

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  1. Postdoc

    Mechanical Engineering at MIT
  2. Ph.D.

    Polymer Science at University of Akron
  3. B.S.

    Chemistry at Xiamen University